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What is Vitalize!?
Vitalize! is a very safe web-browser plug in, that allows you to experience rich multimedia applications and action packed games.

Is Vitalize! content safe?
Yes, Vitalize! is 100% safe. There is no possible way a Vitalize! application can tamper with the files on your computer. The Vitalize! application runs completely contained in its own environment.

What browser and operating system does Vitalize! require?
Vitalize! can be used under Internet Explorer 5 and above, Netscape Navigator 6 and above, Firefox, Opera or Mozilla running a Windows 98, 98SE, XP, 2000 or Vista operating system. Any web-browser that conforms to Firefox or Opera style plugins or can use an ActiveX control can use Vitalize!.

How to install Vitalize!?
Download the Vitalize! installer (1,868KB). This installer will also allow offline installation of the Internet Explorer ActiveX and the Firefox plugin along with the plugin for Opera. You may need to restart your browser after installation to enjoy the rich Vitalize! content.

Additional Extensions:
As new features are added to Vitalize! you may need to download additional extensions. The extensions are 100% safe just like Vitalize! itself. The extensions have been checked for user safety by Clickteam.

Special Note:
We DO NOT like spyware/adware or other garbage and refuse to ever put any into our products.

The only thing our installer installs is the files required to run Vitalize!.

100% spyware free -- 100% Adware free -- Only pure Vitalize!.