The Waiting Room
Bitters and His Ball

Bitters likes his ball, and his ball likes him. One day while Bitters was playing with his ball, the evil mouse king, Mausler, came and took Bitters away. Now, armed with his trusty ball, Bitters must go and return home!!
For the best gameplay experience, learn the functions of the buttons before you begin.
Up - Move Up
Down - Move Down
Left - Move Left
Right - Move Right
Space - Jump / Confirm (Menus)
Shift - Run / Cancel (Menus)
Z - Attack
P - Pause/Unpause
Entre/Return - Confirm (Menus)
In order to survive in Bitters And His Ball, you must always have at least one ball of yarn. When Bitters is hit with yarn, he will drop all of his yarn balls. If you're fast enough, you can pick them back up! If Bitters is hit when you have no yarn, he will die and you will have to start over from the beginning of the act you are currently on. You start with three lives, when all your lives are depleted, the game ends.
All enemies are worth 10 points. All bosses are worth 1,000 points. Yarn is worth one point.
Bitters And His Ball is played like a traditional platformer. You must constantly press forward through obstacles to defeat the bosses in the stage and make your way to the next one. In this version of Bitters And His Ball, you only face Blobniks throughout the stage. The final version of Bitters And His Ball will have a slew of enemies and environments to explore!
The stages in Bitters And His Ball are broken up into two acts on a contiguous level separated by boss battles. When you reach the miniboss of the stage, you have completed the first act. Upon defeating the miniboss, the game will automatically make a checkpoint at the beginning of act two. Should you fail, you will respawn at the beginning of the current act you're on.
Direction - Shane Strife
Programming - Shane Strife
Art - Shane Strife
Kensuke Tanabe
Composers - Shane Strife
Koji Kondo
Matt Berardo
Tomoko Sasaki